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Revolutionizing Freight Estimation:

Introducing The Freight Transforming the Shipping Industry, Click and Fix!

We are excited to introduce The Freight Market Inc., a pioneering company revolutionizing the freight industry since 2015. Based at 26 Broadway 8th Floor, New York City, we provide efficient and seamless freight estimation services. Our goal is to assist clients in covering fixtures instantly while streamlining the pre-fixing process and saving valuable time and resources.

Our Founding Story:

The Freight was born from a shared passion for innovation and deep insights into logistics challenges. Adem Eskici, our co-founder, recognized the need for a technology-driven solution to revolutionize freight estimation. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he embarked on developing an advanced platform to transform how businesses plan and execute pre-fixing operations.

The Path to Success:

From a freight estimator, The Freight has evolved into a comprehensive shipping platform empowering businesses to optimize supply chain management. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with industry expertise, ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in freight estimation.

Join The Freight Revolution:

At The Freight, we believe in the power of innovation to drive change in the logistics industry. If you're passionate about streamlining operations, optimizing supply chains, and embracing cutting-edge technology, join us on this exciting journey.

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We’re Good with Numbers




Dry Bulk Vessels





The system is a real-time Freight Estimation tool that makes business easier on the Dry Bulk market. Our System allows you to speed up your decision on Freight Investigation Stage and furthermore supports you in dealing with your shipment risks. Our System was created for companies to save time and improve their capability to make a decision on the Accurate Freight Rate. The Freight increases your capability of making the right fixtures in a reasonable period.

The Freight brings you the latest in dry bulk freight rates so that you can analyze the dry bulk freight for your employment The Freight is regularly updated that offers current market freight rates (over 18 million routes) and a clear analysis of the latest dry freight and fixture rates.

The fast and straightforward way that the future brings us for business. The Freight aims to make your business experienced and easy at your fingertips.

The Freight offers you to use our all-in-one place solution for shipping-related information and estimations such as Disbursement Accounts, Canal Fee Estimations or Bunker, Commodity Prices or Port, and Vessel Details.

Our system has got essential superiority against the same designs on this subject. First of all, It is time and energy-saving in your daily business life.

Our Core Values

This State-of-the-Art application simplifies the evaluation of available vessels for mentioned shipment and is the perfect guide to the freight risk management and decision-making process.


Transparency in software refers to openness and honesty in the design, development, and operation of a software program.


Ensuring accuracy in The Freight is essential for producing trustworthy and usable results for users.


Companies that invest in the development of their freight teams' knowledge can gain a competitive advantage and improve their overall productivity and output.


The quality and size of a dataset can have a significant impact on the accuracy and performance of The Freight.


Experience in The Freight refers to the knowledge and understanding gained from using, developing, and working with the market participants.

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