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We are pleased to introduce the new platform: VESSEL BENCHMARKING

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Vessel Benchmarking, now integrated into The Freight platform. At The Freight, we are dedicated to staying connected with you, and our esteemed customers, and continually enhancing our services based on your feedback. Through tireless effort, our professional team has elevated The Freight to become the market's most efficient and user-friendly software.

What does Vessel Benchmark offer?

For Brokers:

Streamline your operations by effortlessly benchmarking specific vessels within our extensive database of over 20,000 registered Dry-Bulk vessels. Each vessel is meticulously detailed with comprehensive Vessel Particulars and owner information, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your benchmarking endeavors.

For Charterers:

Optimize your decision-making process with the ability to benchmark vessels according to your unique requirements. With the option to select Ballast Distance, you can precisely determine freight rates based on the vessel's proximity to your loading port. This feature empowers you to make informed choices with confidence.

For Owners/Operators:

Gain valuable insights into your vessel's performance by comparing it with others in the market. Our intuitive platform enables you to assess your vessel's competitiveness and easily estimate freight rates, facilitating strategic planning and optimization of your operations.

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