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How The Freight Works


How The Freight Works

Are you tired of struggling to find accurate and up-to-date information about dry-bulk freight rates and available vessels?

Look no further than our cutting-edge company, where we use the latest AI technology and sophisticated algorithms to bring you the most reliable and current data on the market.

One of the key advantages of utilizing The Freight is its hassle-free approach to cargo management. Unlike other services, The Freight doesn't require any data from you, simplifying the process to just entering your cargo details and receiving the necessary information. By selecting your desired laycan dates, The Freight will automatically gather vessel positions from AIS and provide you with a range of available options. Simply select your cargo and ports from the drop-down list, enter the quantity and terms in metric ton per day, and click "daily reports" to receive your estimated cargo data on a daily basis. With The Freight, managing your cargo has never been more efficient and straightforward.

The Freight uses AI technology and hundreds of algorithms to provide freight estimation and the best available vessels for your cargo. The Freight sources vessel positions from AIS, capturing real-time information and benchmarking the available vessels on the dashboard. Each vessel has an asset rate, determined by vessel commercial details such as grain capacity, built, gears, class etc. and a unique freight and TC equivalent rate estimated by the system. Our platform boasts over 19,500 registered bulk carriers, and we are able to reach out to more than 14,500 vessel owners through the comprehensive contact data that we collect from various circulations. This data is regularly updated to ensure that you have access to the most current information. You can browse the estimation details by clicking the green plus button, which helps you make informed decisions and select the right vessel for your cargo

You can quote your cargoes via the system with just a click. The Freight provides a mail server for unlimited mail sending, which enables you to select specific vessels or all vessels to receive your quote request. You can select all vessels or specific vessel to quote your order to the vessel owner including disponant owner. The Freight will send your order automatically. You can add account and your comment here

The Freight allows you to effortlessly obtain quotes your cargoes with just a single click. The automated system will promptly send your request to the vessel owner, saving you valuable time and effort. You can add account and your comments. Discover the future with The Freight

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